An answer to ‘So what are you upto?’

This is my first shot with google docs. Oh well. Looks good so far. On a broken laptop (but mine) and an internet connection (high speed broadband, mind you), I give this a go.

I get asked about this new life and honestly I don’t know what to say. The onus has been to do things that I have not done before, and indeed this experience is also very new to me. So far so strange, let’s see what else this month has to offer. I have given myself one month – to figure things out – the Eat, Pray, Love kinds – go do whatever I fancy, the weirdest, remotest, or the most lethargic all with the thinking process switched off.

So what have I done so far – cooked aplenty, socialized heaps, joined pottery classes, resumed the much halted yoga lessons (hah – I hear you say), read till my eyes popped out, watched a lot of movies, counted pennies, got paranoid, and well a lot more.

I really have nothing more substantial to say right now – just that I feel fairly redundant. And guilty as I may feel for saying this, but for a change it feels good to be left alone. To not be needed.

Another day, I will think of something clever to put on this blog.

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